Fort Sta. Isabel

Fort Sta. Isabel

25 June 2015

Coral and Giant Clam (Taklobo) Farming Workshop June 22-25, 2015

           PRIMEX and Western Philippines University, with participation from LGU Taytay and its MFARMC/fishermen's federation  recently conducted a 3 day seminar/workshop on how to transplant, care, and grow live corals taken from damaged coral reefs or from areas near where intact coral colonies thrive. It also included the collection and tagging of giant clam juveniles and putting them in a  common site for easier and proper monitoring and care.   It was a truly successful activity, in that, more than 200 clams and 2000 coral seedlings were finally gathered and securely placed on underwater seedling trays / beds where they will be left and cared for until they are ready to be transferred or transplanted about 6 months later. Future plans include opening the underwater farm sites to visitors where they would also have the chance to participate in farming activities

Taytay wins the Baragatan 2015 Streetdancing and Booth Contest

LGU Taytay has, once again, emerged as winner in both the Baragatan 2015 Streetdancing and Booth competitions. It didn't come as a surprise as our Taytay talents are well-known in Palawan to excel in almost any local art and culture activity that they get involved or compete in, Incidentally, since Baragantan's inception,  Taytay has earned more grand slam and recognition awards than any other municipality in the province.

16 June 2015

Taytay participates in Baragatan 2015 Parade

LGU Taytay’s elected officials and office/field personnel led by Mayor Romy L. Salvame, with its unique and intricately made float competition entry in tow, participated in the Baragatan Festival 2015 parade on June 15. This yearly activity officially opens the much-awaited, month-long event that commemorates the founding anniversary of the Provincial Government of Palawan, now under the effective leadership of Gov. JC Alvarez. This year’s Baragatan Festival is expected to help attract more people to visit Palawan and keep its reputation as the world’s best island destination. 

12 June 2015


Taytay-Palawan's  coral reefs and marine life are as interesting as they are diverse to help perk up the underwater enthusiast's hunger for fun and excitement. To give those who are on their way to Northern Palawan for a dive tour or learn-to-dive holiday, a group of fisherfolk and scuba diving professionals are sharing their resources and skills to open up the possibility of including Taytay Bay's underwater world in their dive tour itinerary. Taytay's Bay's dive sites offer divers and snorkelers opportunities to encounter many shapes and sizes of fish and corals, and the pretty above water scenery and friendly locals make the combination hard to compare with the other areas that they've already been to, The dive rates may even be more affordable considering that introductory prices and other perks are definitely going to be offered to the first one hundred diver guests / students starting in September 2015.