Fort Sta. Isabel

Fort Sta. Isabel

14 April 2014

        Happy birthday  Hon. Mayor Romy L. Salvame !


06 April 2014

Pasinggatan Festival 2014

Pasinggatan Festival's pre-fiesta (on-going) activities, featuring boxing, volleyball, basketball, and of course our own version of a street food fest called Paguetekan sa Dalan.

Other major activities like the Bituin ng Taytay contest, boat race, streetdancing, and more are going to be held on or before the town fiesta on May 4, 2014


27 March 2014

Taytay visit of Gov. JC Alvarez and Cong. Chicoy Alvarez

Gov. Jose Chavez Alvarez and Cong. “Chikoy” Alvarez came to Taytay last March 26, 2014 to consult with and present to LGU elected officials headed by Mayor Roy L. Salvame and Vice Mayor Christian V. Rodriguez, Head of Offices, and those who cared to attend, the  various programs and projects that the provincial and national governments have started or are preparing to launch in line with the present administration’s objective of fast tracking infrastructure development and in enhancing socio-economic advancement  of Palawan residents.

The Honorable Governor and Congressman announced that more than half a billion pesos is being allotted to enable the construction of more schools, hospitals, modern roads and bridges, and improve power and water supply in many areas of Taytay. It's interesting to note that all of the Governor’s programs and projects that were laid down were given unanimous approval by those present during the meeting. What was even more interesting was the absence of political bickering and differences that has always been a big issue when elected public officials coming from opposing parties are given the opportunity to finally get together and chart the true course to prosperity. 

19 March 2014

Rough-it-up and have more fun in Taytay, Northern Palawan

Taytay, Palawan's Malampaya Protected Land and Seascape and the spectacular boulder formations at its western-most side facing the Philippine Sea. The village of Minapla where they are situated can be reached  by boat from Agpay village, about 15 minutes land travel from Taytay town center, or by boat from Agpay to Sitio Dapay, followed by an hour an a half walk over a mountain trail .  

The Pasinggatan Festival

       Sometime in early 2002, newly-elected Mayor Roberto V. Rodriguez met with key municipal government personnel and tourism stakeholders to discuss and deliberate on the introduction of more exciting and enjoyable activities to perk up Taytay’s town fiesta and to encourage more resident and visitors to actively participate, hence the decision to turn the town’s traditionally tame fiesta celebration that is being held every 4th of May, in honor of the municipality's patron saint into a multi-event fiesta celebration now widely known as the Pasinggatan Festival. Incidentally, it was also the first annually held-activity of its kind in Northern Palawan and became the model of how town fiestas have to be held and celebrated. As Taytay’s residents are mainly migrants coming from many regions of the country, it was also decided that their respective roots be recognized and be given a sense of pride that only they as legitimate residents of Taytay truly deserve. It was because of this that the Kampo Natin was born and parcels of land was awarded for each to build their regional landmarks with architecturally unique structures  on and share with the others the bayanihan spirit that is inherent in a typical Pilipino community. Pasinggatan features popular activities like the Mutya ng Taytay beauty pageant, street-dancing, boat race, food fest, and a string of other enjoyable, exciting ones that led to the tagline “TAYTAYANOS INDI AG PA PERDE” 

11 March 2014

Barangay Bantulan's first and only white sandy beach camp, Paraiso Roberto, is now ready to accept bookings this summer. The place, which is about 18 kilometers from Taytay town center, currently offers basic accommodation that can comfortably handle a group of 6-12 people and uses battery powered lights to brighten up certain areas of the property at nighttime. It has a mid-size kitchen and eating section for visitors to use if they prefer to bring and cook their own meals. It is also possible to arrange for someone in a nearby village to assist them for their meals and refreshments requirements. For more exciting, enjoyable activities other than what a typical beachfront property can offer, there's another quaint little village called AMOGIS about 3 kilometers away that sits on a portion of the largest pile of volcanic rocks that was caused by a massive eruption of the now extinct Mount Bugtong Bukid several thousands of years ago. People living there engage in seaweed and fish farming and love to entertain and show visitors around when they come for a visit. For those who just want to stay close to the white sandy beach, they can walk around the 18 hectares-wide property that is planted with coconuts, cashew, mangoes, and other non-fruit bearing species of foliage. Many exotic bird species can also be found within its boundaries. Entrance for day trippers is P100/person. For a party of 6 to 12 who wish to stay overnight they must be ready to cover the minimum overnight charge of P5000.00. Price includes the use of two beach cottages with CR and piped-in water supply. Land transfers maybe arranged and paid for directly by the guests.  For interested parties, please call +639152602480 or email