Fort Sta. Isabel

Fort Sta. Isabel

25 March 2015


The Paguetekan Food Fest, a major activity of Pasingatan Festival 2015, featuring a variety of dishes and beverages that are highly popular among Taytayanos, many of which may also fit the taste preferences of local and foreign visitors, formally opened on March 18, 2015  About 15 intricately designed food stalls were temporarily built along the main road  parallel to the Municipal Hall site to cater to the huge crowd that gather to watch the basketball and volleyball games and the variety shows ( later to include the Mutya ng Taytay pageant) which are now being held at Taytay Municipal Hall grounds and shall continue until May 4.


Poblacion Taytay Day Care Graduation Day

Poblacion Taytay Daycare Centers jointly held a graduation ceremony for their pupils last March 19, 2015 at the Barangay Poblacion Hall with no less than Bgy. Captain Alan Miguel in attendance to deliver the keynote address and to personally hand over the certificates.

Here are photos of this yearly affair which shows the happy faces of the parents and their graduating kids:



14 March 2015

Taytay is abuzz with island-based activities at two of its premier resorts, Apulit Island and Noa Noa Island, where a large, US-based TV production outfit is filming a reality  TV dating show which started last week of February and expected to end sometime in the second week of April. There are other islands with pristine, fine white sandy beaches that are being used, or are lined up to be used as filming locations but the definite schedules are not yet out because of prevailing wind and water conditions that are hampering transport of delicate and expensive equipment from point to point. At any rate, filming/taping activities at the major island resorts are going on as planned, with very minimal technical and logistical bugs getting in the way.

Once this TV episode starts showing in a popular US cable TV network, Taytay would soon likely benefit from  tourism-related economic opportunities that the show's promotional reach is expected to bring.

27 February 2015

Taytay Airport and Seaport Projects

Concreting work of C. L. Rodriguez Airport runway and apron is almost finished. This is good news for Taytayanos, considering that when commercial flights are introduced and bigger planes are used, the Taytay to Manila, v.v. airfare shall substantially be reduced, thereby opening the doors to more economic and recreational activities in Taytay.

The road leading to Taytay Sta. Cruz RORO seaport is also being constructed at such a pace that within two years, sea lane traffic between Mindoro, Panay and Northern Palawan, where the bulk of tourism activities occur, shall start getting a substantial increase.

13 December 2014


Barangay Casian, a prosperous island barangay about two hours away by banca, recently held a festival to celebrate their annual fiesta which included activities such as a parade, street dancing presentation, and beauty pageant. It was attended by Vice-Mayor Christian Rodriguez, in behalf of Mayor Romy Salvame, who was once Casian's Barangay Captain,  and by some members of the Sangunniang Bayan of LGU Taytay, along with many residents from the neighboring islands / villages.  Casian’s fiesta, which is being held under the auspices of the barangay council under the leadership of Liga ng Barangay President Norberto Lim, was certainly fun-filled and memorable, and definitely  Taytay’s  most exciting event for the last quarter of 2014. Incidentally, Casian and neighboring island Debangan boast of long, fine, white-sandy beaches and marine environment  that offer very good snorkeling, swimming, and boating activities.  


03 December 2014

It's Christmas Time in Taytay!

It's officially the start of Christmas season in the Municipality of Taytay with the formal lighting of the giant Christmas Tree at the main entrance of the Municipal Hall.  Hon. Mayor Romy Salvame, Hon. Vice Mayor Christian Rodriguez, the Sangguniang Bayan members, Officers and Staff of LGU Taytay, and many town residents came to attend and witness the event.

It was a brief but memorable affair which also helped to slowly erase from our minds any trace, albeit temporarily, of the negative effects of Typhoon Queenie.

Hon. Mayor Romy L. Salvame

Hon. Vice Mayor Christian V. Rodriguez

Typhoon Queenie turns Taytay into a Calamity Area

Taytay was recently hit by typhoon Queenie which caused substantial damage to property and the loss of 4 lives. Fortunately MRRMDO rescue and relief activities, with Mayor Salvame  and other elected  town officials actively and effectively leading the effort , were started almost as soon as the typhoon came, thereby helping to prevent more problems and loss of more lives. Governor Alvarez also came early the next morning by helicopter to assess the damage and contributed a substantial amount from the provincial government and pledged faster delivery of  more relief goods and other forms of assistance for the evacuees and the affected areas. Nobody really expected that Taytay would face the damaging effects of Typhoon Quennie after more than 10 years.  Many trees were felled, roads and bridges damaged, and massive landslides and floods were experienced in many low-lying villages.