Fort Sta. Isabel

Fort Sta. Isabel

06 July 2014


In the course of Taytay's history, the first and, so far, the only vice president ever to visit our municipality was Hon. Jeojomar Binay. And not only did he visit on July 6, 2014, he also brought along a medical team to help many of our townmates who were in dire need of medical attention/treatment. Incidentally, Makati City and Taytay are sister LGUs and what made the event really worth remembering was when VP Binay extended an invitation for Taytay's Senior Citizens to organize a group to travel to Makati and while there avail of free medical and dental services and free movie passes. Hundreds of Taytayanos gathered for the rare occasion to see and hear not only VP Binay, but also Gov. JC Alvarez and Congressman Sherwin Gatchalian who spoke about Taytay's potential to become a major tourism destination once all of the ongoing infrastructure projects (which includes 24/7 electricity and potable water supply)  under the present administration are finished.


04 July 2014

Baragtan 2014

Last June 16, 2014, the Municipal Government of Taytay sent its elected officials headed by Hon. Mayor Romy L. salvame,, officers and staff members to Puerto Princesa to attend/participate in the opening ceremonies of the Provincial Government sponsored Baragatan Festival 2014. It started with a parade that included a float competition, which, incidentally was won by LGU Taytay and culminated with the awarding of prizes to the float competition winners at the Provincial Capitol grounds.There was also a trade fair where products that are made in each of the 22 municipalities are displayed, promoted, and sold.
The trade fair features a booth design and product display competition, the first prize of which was also won by LGU Taytay.  The Baragatan festival is being held annually every 3rd and 4th week of June in celebration of the founding anniversary of the provincial government of Palawan.


10 June 2014

Unity Walk against Drug use and Trafficking

It's about time persons with drug use and pushing habits revert to their old good ways to avoid getting booked and jailed for long time and spend substantial amounts of money for bail just to get their temporary freedom. The Taytay Municipal Police Station under Major Jeoffrey Mendiola recently spearheaded a Unity Walk for a DRUG-FREE Taytay which was so well-attended that those bad eggs for whom the activity was conducted/directed against at must have already left town or vowed never to touch the stuff again or risk getting reported by their neighbors or even friends and family members. To highlight the activity,  Mayor Romy L. Salvame, Vice-Mayor Christian V. Rodriguez, SB Silverio Catedral, SB Cuaton delivered their respective speeches about the risks, dangers, and negative consequences of drug abuse and trafficking.  

Pushers and Users, BEWARE!

11 May 2014

Venus Raj's Taytay Visit

Ms. Venus Raj, 4th runner-up in a Miss Universe pageant held just a few years ago and now a popular GMA7 TV host of a Sunday 9AM show called BUSINESS FLIGHT, came to visit Taytay, Palawan last Friday, May 9, 2014 to cover and feature some of the municipality's tourism destinations. Her one day sojourn took her and crew to Lake Manguao for an early morning boat tour that included some birdwatching and a panoramic view of  the lake's surrounding forest cover. She was then taken to Taytay's historical landmark, Ft. Santa Isabel where she was greeted and entertained by the CINOPALOB streetdancing group and thereafter, had a tummy-filling breakfast with Mayor Romy L. Salvame and the Executive Branch Officers and staff, Vice-Mayor Christian V. Rodriguez and members of the Sangunniang Bayan, and Barangay Chairman Alan Miguel of Poblacion.  Another rewarding and enjoyable part of the whole  trip, thanks to Ms. Mel de Luna, was a visit to TERRAMAR Pearl Farm, then to Flower Island Resort for lunch, TryScuba,  and swimming. Their last stop was at Pabellon Island, an edible bird's nest major source where she was shown how dangerous and risky any attempt to harvest the nests is, has always been, and will always be, hence its unusually expensive price of about P200-300,000.00/kilo in the Hongkong market.

To watch the Business Fight Taytay Palawan episode, just click:

05 May 2014

Bituin ng Taytay 2014

PASSINGTAN FESTIVAL is Taytay, Palawan's version of celebrating its annual town fiesta. To add spice to exciting sporting and recreational activities which started in early April, the Bituin ng Taytay beauty pageant finale, which is considered as the festival's major and most prestigious event, was held last night with Bituin ng Guinpancalaban being declared as the winner. Bituin ng Lisanmituca was first runner-up and Bituin ng Cinopalob was the second runner-up. Hon. Mayor Romy L. Salvame, the town's chief executive was the Guest of Honor and together with the judges and major sponsors, presented the prizes and certificates to the winners.


16 April 2014

Pasinggatan Schedule of Activities 2014

14 Mar Onward     1000H-2200H        Paguetekan sa Dalan (Food Fest) in front of Taytay Municipal Hall
                            1500H-2100H       Volleyball, Basketball, Sepak Takraw at Municipal Hall Grounds
                                                           Boys Boxing at Julio Arzaga Memorial Elementary School Gym
26 Apr                  Afternoon               PaBA Basketball Games, Taytay vs. El Nido
27 Apr                  1900H                    Night of the Academe 
28 Apr                                                 Pasinggatan ng mga Kababaihan
29 Apr                   0500H                   Pasinggatan FUN RUN              
                                                           Talentong Taytayano (Finals)
                                                            Public Dance
30 Apr                                                 Gabi ng Bikaryato
01 May                                                Holy Mass in honor of St. Joseph the Worker
                             1900H                    Local Government Unit (LGU) Night
                                                            Presentation of Bituin ng Taytay Contestants
02 May                 Morning                  Pasinggatan sa Kawil
                                                            Bangkarera ( Motorized Banca race)
                             Evening                   Bituin ng Taytay Talent Night
                                                            Public Dance (Municipal Hall Grounds)
03 May                 0630H                    Holy Mass at Santa Monica Parish Church
                             1500H                    Pasinggatan sa Parada ( Grand Parade )
                                                            Governor's and LNB Night
                                                            Public Dance
04 May                AM / PM                 Street Dancing Contest
                                                            Poncion sa Plaza
                            Evening                    Bituin ng Taytay Coronation Night
                                                            Public Dance

14 April 2014

        Happy birthday  Hon. Mayor Romy L. Salvame !